If so, I would love to hear about it and why it is your favourite doll.  Maybe you could send me a picture and perhaps a little information about it?  You can do this through my Blog.
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YVETTE  from Puerto Plata in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC has sent me these photos of two of her dolls which she has designed and made herself.  Yvette feels that these dolls more realistically portray typical Dominican Republic dolls.
Each of these dolls are approximately 34" high.  She has made a female doll with real hair and the male doll (also shown here) has wool hair.
The female doll is dressed in a typical dress of the Dominican Republic. Her partner,  the male doll, is called Juansito and he is wearing a white linen chacabanca, which is a typical dress for men.

YVETTE (MONTES) is a Fashion Designer from Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. 

(a hand made female doll wearing typical dress)
 FEMALE DOLL close-up
MALE DOLL close-up
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HARRY from the U.S.A. has sent me these pictures of his very unusual doll collection which is currently on exhibition in California.
HARRY says:
The two dolls I will call my favorites represent the widest range of my peculiar interests.

The Tarahumara toy, bought from some indian girls for a few centavos, is the most authentic. It is a corncob wrapped in cotton skirts and a shawl.
The elaborately basket-woven Wounaan Panamanian doll is at the far reaches of my collection in price and scarcity. There are many active weavers there making fine baskets for sale, but only one, I am told, has applied her talents and classic materials to crafting a few dolls. This one represents the ceremonial skin dying pattern and costume. It is entirely woven from chunga palm, even the loin "cloth".

 Dolls on exhibition in California
 Cradles on exhibition
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DIANA from Wales, U.K. has sent me this lovely picture of her beautiful childhood doll.

DIANA says:

This doll was given to me by my godmother when I was 5 or 6 years old, (64 years or so ago!!) It was probably a second hand doll then. Known as Jennifer and played with quite a lot! She has movable head, arms and legs which have become a little loose over the years! Her glass eyes open & close when tilted also makes a crying noise when tilted forwards (although again a bit feint with age) She is not a doll that is supposed to stand but sit. I am not sure what the body is made of (possibly some sort of clay?) The present clothes on the doll were knitted for her in the early sixties (so that she would look nice for my younger cousin to play with – my mothers idea!!) Unfortunately the original clothes were disposed of – I can remember the dress of cotton floral material. No makers mark visible. The doll is approximately 15in high. In reasonable condition except perhaps for the loose joints – no visible chips or cracks on fingers and toes. The doll has been packed away in a box for the last 45/50 years.
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AMY from the U.S.A. has sent this picture of her delightful doll:

AMY says:
This doll was given to me recently by a friend who received the doll in the late 1930's. The doll originated from New Orleans, Louisiana, and is described as a "Southern Widow" doll. The doll stands 11 1/2 inches and has a hand-painted silk stocking face with a cloth body. The black dress is crepe, with a linen lace-trimmed slip. The under-skirt is made of paper, possibly a bag.

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IVANKA and J.C. from France
have sent this lovely picture of their UKRAINIAN dolls
which they bought in Lviv, Ukraine.
The beautiful head-dress of ribbons and flowers on the girl  is typical of Ukraine.

Ivanka says:
Voici les photos des poupées Ukrainiennes (jeunes filles et jeunes cosaques zaporogues) du temps de L'Union Soviétique ainsi qu'un couple Ukrainien de poupées actuelles achetées récemment à Lviv , grande ville d'Ukraine ...Ces poupées ont toutes une coiffe faite de fleurs et de rubans ; c'est typique de l'Ukraine .


Group of Ukrainian male dolls
Group of Ukrainian female dolls

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SACHA from Australia
has sent this picture of her favourite doll from Bosnia-Herzegovina
and a postcard, and also some information about the doll:

I have attached a photo of one of my favourite dolls. She is dressed in a costume from the Mostar region in Bosnia -Herzegovina and was probably made in the former Yugoslavia during the early 1960s. She is 8" cloth over wire,with hand sewn features and a lovely woven apron. Her shoes are leather and I really like the belt detail and hat. The other attachment is of a postcard depicting a drawing by Vladimir Kirin, a Croatian artist who made a series of great drawings in the 1950s of the costumes of the then Yugoslavia. I think the doll makers have done a great job in replicating his drawing.


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DAWN from the U.S.A.
has sent this picture of her dolls from BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA
(on the right) and SERBIA (on the left).
Dawn said...
I was thrilled to see this latest doll because she has allowed me to identify one of mine. I had suspected the former Yugoslavia as the country, but couldn't pin down the region. The costume is almost exactly the same. Thanks so much for posting this. She's the doll on the right in this photo. I've identified the other doll as Serbian.

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  DESIREE from Brazil
sent this picture of her favourite doll
which is from Marrakesh, Morocco.

The doll was bought in 1996 during my trip to Morocco, inside the Bazaar.
The fabric is brocaded Arab. The adornment of the head is well decorated as the brides like to use.
Marrakech, is situated in southwestern of Morocco, next to the mountain range of Atlas. It is known as the “red city”, the “pearl of the south” or the “door of the south”. The probable origin of its name is from the Berber words mur (n) akush , which means "Land of God".

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CAROLE from Wales, U.K. 
(One of my own favourite dolls)
I have often been asked "which is my favourite doll?" A very difficult question as I have so many favourites, but I think my Gujarati Tribal doll from India has to be near the top of that list
The reason for this is that it is hand made and has exceptional detail. She is highly decorated with jewellery and tattoos. Even the little doll (or baby?) which she is holding, has jewellery. One can just imagine the maker of the doll hard at work creating this beautiful work of art. How can anyone resist her!  (Carole).

INDIA - Gujarati Tribal woman

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