From time to time it becomes necessary for me to sort through my dolls.  I have therefore decided to offer for sale, dolls I no longer require.
Anyone wishing to purchase a doll can pay with Paypal (or cheque or Postal Order if living in the U.K.).
Postage to be paid by the purchaser please.

Please contact me for postage quotes through my email:, quoting the Code no. for a doll, which you will see at the top of the listing.

I will always combine postage whenever possible.

Thank you.

 * * *
SWEDEN - (Nils Hollgerson)
Code No: (Europe - Sweden - BG/00145)

A doll representing the character Nils Hollgerson from a
children's story book.  He was made by Charlotte Weibull.  Wire legs covered
with fabric.  Face and arms also covered with thin fabric.  Painted features.
His hair is made with a type of thread and he wears wooden clogs and woollen stockings.
Holding a stick.
HEIGHT:  6" high.
DATE:  C.1970's.
MAKERS MARKS:  Small stick-on label on back of his waistcoat - 
"Charlotte Weibull, Akarp, Sweden".
CONDITION:  Good vintage condition.
£4.00 (plus postage).

 * * *
Code No:  (Asia - India - BG/00143)

An elegantly dressed lady with a padded body and 
clay-type head, arms and legs.  Painted nail varnish on fingers and toes,
and a striped henna pattern on hands and toes.  She has gold bangles
on each wrist, a gold chain pendant necklace, and white earrings. 
HEIGHT:  Approx. 10.5" high.
DATE:  C.1970's.
CONDITION:  Very good condition.
£4.00 (plus postage).

  * * *
CHINA - (Stick doll)
Code No:  (Asia - China - BG/00141)

Wooden body.  No arms or legs.  The straight stick body has a knob-shape
at the top for her chest.  Painted features.  Cloth skirt with a cloth over-skirt,
and "silver" jewellery decorating the body.  Wooden knob head with painted
features.  Pearl and pink bead drop earrings.  A large cloth hat of cream and 
taupe fabric.  She stands well on a small circular wooden base.
She comes in her original box with "CHINESE ETHNIC and KUNMING  QIAN HAN
and Chinese Ethnic, and "The best present of journey of Yunnan".
HEIGHT:  9" high, plus hat.
DATE:  C.1970-80's?
MAKERS MARKS:  None on doll.  (Chinese writing).
CONDITION:  The doll and the box are both in excellent (as new) condition.
£3.00 (plus postage)

 * * *
CARIBBEAN (possibly Jamaica)
Code No:  (America - Caribbean - BG00139)

Hard padded body.  Jointed at the hips and shoulders.  Painted 
features.  Large hooped, metal earrings.  Woven basket on head with 
colourful bundles of cloth inside.
HEIGHT:  14" high (plus basket of cloth on head).
DATE:  C.1960's to 1970's.
CONDITION:  Good clean condition.
£3.00 (plus postage).

 * * *
Code No:  (Asia - Turkey - BG/00136)

Cloth covered padded body.  Cloth covered wire armature legs.
Round face (possibly a covered bottle-top?), with drawn-on facial features.
She wears a full-length skirt with a traditional Turkish design.  There is a
woollen pom-pom (?) in each "hand", and she is wearing a floral cotton headscarf.
She has a long, plaited wool "hook" for hanging the doll up.
HEIGHT:  Approximately 9.5" high.
DATE:  C.1960's/70's.
CONDITION:  Good, clean condition.
£3.00 (plus postage).

 * * *
Code No:  (Europe - Corsica - BG/00131)

 A dainty doll with plastic body, jointed at the shoulders, hips and neck.
Opening/closing eyes.  Black hair.  The doll has a plastic container with lid, in very
good condition, (not photographed).
HEIGHT:  The doll is approximately 6.5" high.  The dress is approximately
one inch longer.
DATE:  C.1970's.
MAKERS MARKS:  Clothes covering any possible marking on doll.  "Corse" printed on apron.  ("Corse means "Corsica").
CONDITION:  The DOLL is in excellent condition.  The CONTAINER is in
very good condition, with no splits.
£2.50 (plus postage).

 * * *
Code No:  (Europe - Finland - BG/00130)

Plastic body.  Opening/closing eyes.  Jointed at the
hips and shoulders.  Black hair in two plaits.  The elastic in the arms 
is a bit loose, but they are intact.  They just need to be tightened.
HEIGHT:  Approximately 8" high.
DATE:  C.1970's.
MAKERS MARKS:  "MADE IN ITALY" and a stork carrying a baby,
on back of doll.
CONDITION:  The doll is in good condition, but would benefit from
tightening the arms.  The clothes are in fairly good condition.
£2.00 (plus postage)

 * * *
Code No:  (Europe - Scotland - BG/00129)

A set of three dolls.  Two female dolls and one male doll, dressed in Scottish military band uniforms.  Hard plastic bodies, jointed at the shoulders.  Opening, closing eyes.
HEIGHT:  Each doll is approximately 6" high.
DATE:  C. 1960's/1970's.
MAKERS MARKS:  Clothes covering any possible marking on dolls.  "THE ROYAL PARADE DOLL COLLECTION on front of box.
CONDITION:  DOLLS:  Good, clean condition.  BOX:  Good condition, with no tears.
£3.00 (plus postage).
 * * *

SPAIN (Majorca)
Code No:  (Europe - Spain (Majorca) - BG/00128)

A doll made by "BEIBI," representing Spain (Majorca).  A pretty doll with a vinyl
body.  Lovely shiny eyes.  Jointed at the shoulders and neck.  Nicely dressed.
HEIGHT:  7.5" high (including hat).
DATE:  1960's/1970's.
MAKERS MARKS:  Clothes covering any possible marking on doll.  "MUNECAS beibi"
and "Mallorca" on plastic container.
CONDITION:  DOLL in excellent condition.  CONTAINER has very light "rubs," and a small rip on bottom, back of container.
£3.00 (plus postage)

 * * *
Code No:  (Europe - France (Normandy) - BG/00125)

A doll made by REXARD, dressed in the costume of Normandy, France.  Plastic
body jointed at the shoulders.  Painted eyes.  Black painted shoes.
HEIGHT:  Approximately 8" to top of hat.
DATE:  C. 1960's/1970's. 
MAKERS MARKS:  Clothes covering any possible marking on doll.  Hang tag attached to
wrist of doll, giving information about the doll.
CONDITION:  Good condition.
£3.00 (plus postage).

Code No:  (Europe - Ireland - BG/00124)

Plastic body with opening/closing eyes.  Jointed at the hips and shoulders.  Her black hair is in two long plaits.  Dressed in the traditional green skirt and red cape of Ireland.  
HEIGHT:  5.5" high.  (The plastic container is a little higher.)
DATE:  C.1960's.
MAKERS MARKS:  Clothes covering any possible marking on doll.  There is no marking on the container.
CONDITION:  DOLL:  Very good condition.  CONTAINER:  Dented, but not ripped.
£2.75 (plus postage).

* * *
Code No:  (Asia - China - BG/00123)

Vinyl doll with painted features.  Hair in one long black plait.  Well dressed in trousers and matching tunic.  Red shoes.  Carrying a small wicker basket.
HEIGHT:  Approximately 11" high.
DATE:  C.1970's/1980's.
MAKERS MARKS:  Doll sealed in container, so unable to see any markings, if there are any.
CONDITION:  DOLL:  Excellent condition.  CONTAINER:  Dented, and a rip on lid.
£3.00 (plus postage).

 * * *
Code No:  (Europe - Finland - BG/00122)

A vinyl doll, jointed at the hips, shoulders and neck.  Glass-looking eyes.  Dressed in the traditional costume of Finland.
HEIGHT:  8" high, plus hat.
DATE:  C.1960's.
MAKERS MARKS:  Clothes covering any possible marking on doll.
CONDITION:  DOLL:  Good vintage condition.  CLOTHES:  Her shawl would benefit from a gentle wash.
£2.00 (plus postage)

 * * *
FRANCE (Santon doll)
Code No:  (Europe - France - BG/00121)

A Santon doll with a clay upper body and hips.body.  Cloth middle body.
Wire armature arms with clay hands.  Clay head with painted features
and "sponge" (?)upper legs and clay lower legs.  Clay head with
smiling, painted features.  Moulded hair.
Brown painted shoes.   She is fixed to a clay base, so stands well.
HEIGHT:  19" high (including clay base).
DATE:  C.1960's to '70's.
printed on bottom of base.
CONDITION:  Good vintage condition.
£3.00 (plus postage).

* * *
Code No: (Europe - Portugal (Madeira) - BG/00115)

Hard plastic body jointed at the hips, shoulders and neck.  Painted eyes.
Black hair in a bun at the back.  Holding a bunch of felt flowers.
A nicely dressed doll.
HEIGHT:  Approx. 7" high.
DATE:  C.1980's.
MAKERS MARKS:  Clothes covering any possible marking on doll.
CONDITION:  Good clean condition.
£2.50 (plus postage).

 * * *

  * * * * * * *

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