Saturday, 3 September 2011


Following my recent visit to Spain (BLOG dated 3rd. July, 2011), an article about my doll collection and my trip to Spain, has just been published in a local newspaper (instigated by a friend!)
As it is a rather large article, and I do not have a scanner, I have tried to photograph it to share it with you.  If you click on the pictures it should enlarge them and you will need to use the scroll bar accordingly.
My apologies for my lack of skill in the BLOG world!!  Carole.

The full article spanning two pages
The left hand side page
The right hand side page
Me with my Spanish Basque doll at the book launching in Spain

(There will be more dolls listed here shortly).
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Manhamana said...

How nice to see You!
Beautiful collection and an excellent article in the newspaper! Congratulations!
The collection is amazing!
Beautiful dolls from many parts of the world!
Thank you again for sharing your amazing collection!
Greetings from Poland Magdalene

World Costume Dolls said...

Hello Magdalene. Thank you for your lovely comment, which is most appreciated! I am pleased that you are enjoying my site! Carole.

Nukke said...

Lovely, lovely article about your dolls in news paper !!!! And it is so nice to see your photo ! It must be very pleasant to get notice for your collection. You do have very beautiful dolls from so many countries.