Monday, 9 April 2012

ISRAEL, POLAND and FRANCE dolls newly listed

I hope you have all had a good Easter!
I am adding three more dolls onto my website - an interesting ISRAEL doll (Church Goer?), a POLAND doll from the Lowicz region and  a French Petitcolin doll from the Alsace region.

To see more photos and information about these dolls, please see my website.  Thank you.

I am hoping to list another little diorama soon, for those of you who like seeing them.  (I just don't know where the time goes to!)

 * * * *
ISRAEL - (Church Goer?)
(Website Id:  Asia - Israel - 0018 and 0018A).
 POLAND (Lowicz region)
(Website Id: - Europe - Poland - 0019 and 0019A).
 FRANCE (Alsace region)
(Website Id: - Europe - France - 0038).

 * * * * * * *
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