Thursday, 28 June 2012

GERMANY (Olympic Games souvenir) and a ROMANIA doll

For this Blog I am adding just two dolls.  Following my accident, I have been unable to do any photographing, etc., etc., so I am just listing these two until I am "back in the swing of things!"
I am hoping to do more soon! 
(I will be listing another ROOMBOX very soon, so watch this space!)
For more information about these dolls, please see the website.  Thank you for your patience.  Carole.

ROMANIA (Olympic Games souvenir)
Munchen costume
(Website Id:  Europe - Germany - 0020)
 ROMANIA (Bistrita Nasaud, Transylvania region)
(Saxon girl costume)
(Website Id:  Europe - Romania - 0028)
 ROMANIA (Bistrita Nasaud, Transylvania region)
(Saxon girl costume) 
(Website Id:  Europe - Romania - 0028A)
ROMANIA (Bistrita Nasaud, Transylvania)
(Saxon girl costume)
(Website Id:  Europe - Romania - 0028B)
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