Saturday, 19 November 2016


Today I am listing three dolls from WALES (UNITED KINGDOM).  They are a Coracle Man, a Collier Man and a lady dressed in the 1850's-style costume of Radnorshire (Mid. Wales). 

At the bottom of the post is a little information about the Welsh coracle.

I am also listing another male hat from UZBEKISTAN on the page - "MY FOREIGN HATS AND HEAD-WEAR".  To see that page, just click onto that title at the top, right hand side of the HOME PAGE. 

As always, you can see more pictures, and more information about the dolls, on the website.  Thank you.
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WALES - (A man with a coracle)
Website Id:  (Europe - Wales - 0039 and 0039A) 

WALES - (A collier man)
Website Id:  (Europe - Wales - 0040 and 0040A)

WALES - (A lady dressed in the
1850's-style costume of Radnorshire (Mid. Wales).
Website Id:  (Europe - Wales - 0042)

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The coracle is a traditional flat bottom boat which was often used by men when fishing, and sometimes for transport. 
They were traditionally made with wicker, and covered with animal hides, but more recently with calico or canvas.  They were painted with pitch or tar to make them waterproof and are flat-bottomed to cope with the rapids and rough river conditions.
They were once also to be found in parts of Scotland, Ireland and England, but now they are only in use on the River Teifi and the River Tywi by fishermen in West Wales.  They are rowed with a single paddle.
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(A square-shaped hat)
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