Sunday, 20 May 2012

DOLLS FROM HUNGARY, THREE PEGGY NISBET DOLLS (and a hand knitted dolls outfit)

Dolls from HUNGARY and three PEGGY NISBET dolls have been listed this time.

I have also finished knitting a little outfit for Charlie, who is a 1960's doll.  He was made in England, and measures just 3" HIGH.  (I found it quite a change to knit with a dark colour!)

For more pictures and information about the dolls, please see the website.  Thank you.
HUNGARY - (Region unknown)
(Website Id:  Europe - Hungary - 008, 008A and 008B)
ENGLAND - (Henry V111th.)
(A Peggy Nisbet doll).
(Website Id:  Europe - England - 0056)
ENGLAND - (Mary, Queen of Scotts)
(A Peggy Nisbet doll).
(Website Id:  Europe - England - 0057)
 ENGLAND - (William Shakespeare)
(A Peggy Nisbet doll).
(Website Id:  Europe - England - 0058, 0058A and 0058B)

 * * * *
This is "CHARLIE".
Isn't he cute?  I decided to leave his hat off because he has such lovely moulded hair which I do not want to hide!
To give you an idea of the size of the knitting, his jacket measures just ONE INCH LONG.

ENGLAND - (hand knitted outfit)
(Website Id:  (Dioramas) Europe - England - 005 and 005A)

 * * * * * * *

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