Saturday, 26 May 2012

OZARK DOLLS, DOLLS FROM GHANA and ("Been Fishin' " diorama)

I have now added OZARK dolls from Arkansas (United States of America), dolls from GHANA, West Africa, and a new DIORAMA, "Been Fishin'  ", to the website.
For more pictures and further information about the dolls, please see the website.  Thank you.  Carole.
(an Ozark doll)
(Website Id:  America - United States of America - 0022)  
(Arkansas Joan - an Ozark woman)
(Website Id:  America - United States of America - 0023)  
(Website Id:  Africa - Ghana - 007)
(Website Id: - Africa - Ghana - 006 and 006A)
(Website Id:  Africa - Ghana - 0010)
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"BEEN FISHIN' " (Diorama).
This is "Duncan MacTrowt" and he has "Been Fishin'!"   He is a "tall" man measuring just over 6" high. I made him with a cloth over pipecleaner body.  His head, hands and boots are made of Fimo and he has painted features and sheepswool hair, beard and moustache.  I made his spectacles with fuse wire.  I made the bench and table in approximately 1990 with some scrap solid oak wood which was given to me by a coffin maker!   (The oak was thirty years old in 1990).   I made this scene simply to use up a spare fishing rod which I made in 1990.  I used the one part of a press-stud fastener for the reel.  I have also made the fish, the cat and the fruit in the bowl with Fimo.  The fishing net hanging on the wall is part of a sleeping net which I bought in a chemist shop and I made the yellow waterproofs and sou'wester from a pair of rubber kitchen gloves.  The denim bag on the floor, and the mat, were made from pieces of scrap fabric.  The small round table on the right was a wooden puzzle which I cut a round wooden top for.  The tiles on the floor are 1/12th." scale terracotta tiles from a dolls house supplier.  A friend made the cross-stitch  "Bless this house" picture by using one thread of embroidery cotton.  The wellingtons on the floor were originally green and were bought in a National Trust shop.  I painted them black. 
I made the diorama in 2012.

(Website Id: - (Dioramas) Europe - 0038 and 0038A)

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