Tuesday, 24 July 2012

BOLIVIA (Kullawada dancers), DENMARK and FINLAND dolls

Here we have Kullawada folk dancers and (below), a doll dressed in a cholita outfit, from BOLIVIA.  The Kullawada dance represents the social class of weavers and textile workers.  Also listed is a fisherman doll  from DENMARK and a SuomaLainen Kansallispuku doll from FINLAND.
For more pictures and information about the Kullawada folk dance and dolls, please see the website.  Thank you.  Carole.

BOLIVIA - (Kullawada folk dancers)
(Website Id:  America - Bolivia - 005, 005A, 005B and 005C)
 BOLIVIA - (woman in cholita outfit)
(Website Id:  America - Bolivia - 006)
 DENMARK - (fisherman)
(Website Id:  Europe - Denmark - 0014)
 FINLAND - (Suomalainen Kansallispuku)
(Website Id:  Europe - Finland - 008)
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