Friday, 6 July 2012

DOLLS FROM GREECE, ITALY and GUATEMALA (and more miniature knitting)

GREECE (Rhodes), ITALY, and GUATEMALA (street vendor)
PLUS - more miniature knitting.
Here are a few more dolls from Europe and America.
I am also listing two little dressed dolls which I managed to knit outfits for whilst recuperating from a cracked pelvis.  (It is a good excuse to sit down!).  The dolls were rather difficult to photograph as they are so small, and I am not the world's best photographer!  
The two tiny dolls are just 2" high.
For more information and pictures, please see the website.  Thank you.  Carole.

GREECE (Rhodes)
(Website Id:  Europe - Greece (Rhodes) - 003 and 003A)
 ITALY - Lombardy region
(A Magis Roma doll)
(Website Id:  Europe - Italy - 0023)
 GUATEMALA - street vendor
(Website Id:  America - Guatemala - 004 and 004A)
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(Website Id:  (Dioramas) Europe - Wales - 0039)
This outfit was knitted with no. 100 crotchet cotton, on no. 21 knitting needles.
(Website Id:  Europe - Wales - 0040)
This outfit was knitted with no. 80 crotchet cotton on no. 20 knitting needles.

 * * * * * * *
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