Sunday, 19 August 2012

SEMINOLE INDIAN (U.S.A.), Wales, England and ISRAEL dolls

A SEMINOLE INDIAN (UNITED STATES) doll, a wood carrier doll from WALES, a Bal Maiden doll from Cornwall, ENGLAND, and a Sabra doll with a baby, from ISRAEL are being listed here today.
They are all interesting dolls.  I LOVE the little Bal Maiden (but I also love them all!)
For more information about the dolls, ( the Seminole Indian Tribe and Bal Maidens), please see the website.  Thank you.

ALSO TODAY, I have added a new Doll Maker - LENCI, on the DOLL MAKER page.  (Top right hand side of this page).
(Seminole Indian Tribe)
(Website Id:  America - United States of America - 0025)
Wood carrier
(Website Id:  Europe - Wales - 0027 and 0027A) 
(Cornish Bal Maiden)
(Website Id:  Europe - England - 0060)
Sabra doll
(Website Id:  Asia - Israel - 0019 and 0019A)
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