Saturday, 7 June 2014


I was recently asked "If I could only keep ONE DOLL out of the whole of my large collection, which one would I keep?"  Without a doubt it would be this lovely old rubber doll from my childhood.  I received her as a Christmas present in 1945, and I have treasured her ever since.  She must have been the cleanest doll in Wales, because I was constantly bathing her!

She was made by the Firm of "MORMIT" around 1945 to 1946.  Her Trade name is "MARIE LOU", but I called her "LYNETTE".  (I have no idea why!)  She is a "feeding/wetting doll" and can be "bathed".  She is 16" high.

She has gone brown with age, but I love her dearly.  She has "glass" looking eyes and she has a tube in her mouth to feed her through.  Her hair is moulded.  Unfortunately something was spilt on her face a long time ago, but I don't know what it was.  She has no splits and I never chewed her.  (I loved her too much for that!)  I don't think she came with any clothes and the outfit my mother knitted for her at the time, has long gone.  She is now wearing a long lace-over-taffeta christening dress and lies in a Victorian dolls pram.

The marking on her back is: 
PRO.PAT. 30189/45
(Which doll would you keep from YOUR collection?)

You can see more pictures of her on my website.
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