Sunday, 11 March 2018


Today I am listing this hand made doll from AZERBAIJAN.

I originally listed this post as a doll having been made by Elmira Abbasley, but even though the label states it is, this is NOT so! I have been in touch with the daughter of Elmira, who says the doll is a COPY made by a previous worker for Elmira, WHO HAS USED Elmira Abbasley's name. I have since removed the label, and stated that the doll is an Azerbaijan folklore doll. It just goes to show that even when there is a name tag on a doll, it is NOT always correct. I will photograph the doll again, without the label. 

I have recently had a new computer and it has taken a little while to get used to it, but I have now found where everything is!  So now I will be able to add on more of my dolls.  So once again, thank you all for your patience.  I really appreciate it!

As always, more pictures, and more information about this doll can be seen on my website.   Just put the Code No. in the search box on the Itinerary page on the website.  Code No:  (Asia - Azerbaijan - 002, 002A, 002B and 002C.

AZERBAIJAN - (hand made doll)
Website Id:  (Asia - Azerbaijan - 002, 002A, 002B and 002C)

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One of my Walks (Summer 2017).
(The Cats Back, Mid Wales).


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