Saturday, 24 March 2018


Today I am adding some dolls from CONGO.  I am fascinated by their unusual hair-style!  Such beautiful dolls!
Every time I see dolls such as these lovely hand-made ones, I imagine a little group of local women lovingly working on them, and making them to sell.  (Aren't we lucky?)

As always, you can see more information, and photos of these dolls, on my website (  Just put the Code Number into the search box on the Inventory page (on the HOME page, and they will come up).

 I am also showing A COUPLE OF PHOTOS  (from one of my recent walks).
I am showing these, as I often get requests to see more of our beautiful views, here in Wales. 
Thank you.

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Although I am at last having just a little more time to work on my website and my blog, I still have LOADS of beautiful dolls to list, (but I need to live to the age of at least 110 years, to finish listing them!)

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Website Id:  (Africa - Congo - 002 and 002A)

Website Id:  (Africa - Congo - 003, 003A and 003B)

Website Id:  (Africa - Congo - 004 and 004A)

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A COUPLE OF PHOTOS  (from one of my recent walks).

BRECON CANAL - (Mid. Wales)

 BRECON CANAL - (another view).

THE RIVER USK - (mid Wales).

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