Friday, 2 October 2020

ENGLAND. Meet Royston.



Website Id:  (Europe - England - 0092 and 0092A)

This delightful doll was possibly made in England, C. late 1940's.  I have dressed him in a vintage cardigan, vintage shoes and vintage socks.  I knitted his trousers, which looks like a complicated pattern to knit, but it was easy!  That is because the same ball of wool follows on with all these colours, so it was not complicated at all.  I was expecting the second leg to be awkward trying to get the pattern to line up with the first, but it wasn't!  I just had to run through the wool until all the colours lined up with the first leg, and start from there!  

For more information about the doll, and another photograph, please see the website (  
Just go to the website, click on the Inventory Box and put the Code No. in, and the doll will come up.
Thank you.

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I have been catching up with a lot of jobs, but now I am hoping to be able to list more dolls on my website.
Keep safe and well!

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