Thursday, 2 February 2012

NEW DOLLS FROM ASIA and EUROPE (and a peep inside my Irish cottage)

At last I am getting around to cataloguing a few more dolls.  It is a never-ending job!
In this Blog I am adding dolls from Asia and Europe - VIETNAM, SINGAPORE, BULGARIA, GREENLAND AND ITALY.  I was able to find out some interesting information about the Vietnam and Singapore dolls.  (The Vietnam dolls were made specially for me). 
For more pictures and information about the dolls, please see the website.
* * * *
(My 1/12th." scale THATCHED IRISH COTTAGE.)
For those of you who like to see my miniatures which I have made myself, I am also adding pictures of the two rooms which are the inside of my Irish Cottage, which I called "Glencree".   I made the cottage in 1990.
If you like these pictures, I will show you the outside of the cottage on my next Blog!
This cottage will not be shown on my website.
(Website Id:  Asia - Vietnam - 005, 005A and 005B)
(Website Id:  Asia - Singapore - 005, 005A and 005B) 
(Website Id:  Europe - Bulgaria - 0010) 
(Website Id:  Europe - Greenland - 007)
(Website Id:  Europe - Italy - 0024 and 0024A)

* * * *
I made the cottage and also all the furniture myself, except the chair in the bedroom.  I also made the potato sack and box of vegetables etc., and of coarse, Jim McSweeney.
The ladder in the parlour was made by my late husband, and he also made the little tilly lamp (on the floor, on the left hand side of the bedroom).  He made it all from scrap bits and pieces which were in the garage.
* * * *
The parlour where Jim McSweeney
is relaxing with a glass of Guiness
 The bedroom with the
traditional bed in the wall.
(The right hand side provides storage).
 * * * * * *
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