Wednesday 15 September 2010

THE ORKNEY ISLANDS - (figurine and other pictures)

I have recently returned from a trip to the Orkney Islands (Scotland), which are situated off the north east coast of Scotland.
There are approximately 70 islands, twenty of which are inhabited.  Farming and tourism is the main industry and the islands are very rich in history and wildlife.
The highlight of my trip was the shortest flight in the world which flies from the island of Papa Westray to Westray and takes about TWO MINUTES!  It is in the Guiness Book of Records.
Alas, I was not able to find any dolls!  The nearest I could find to a doll was this interesting figurine - the "Westray wife" (or "wifie" as it is known in Westray).  It is a copy of the original Westray wife and there is now a picture of it (and also a picture of the original one) on the website, with further information about the original one.

Europe - Scotland (Orkney Islands) - 001, 001A and 001B
(A copy of the original Westray wife)

The back of the figure

A picture of the original Westray wife

(Believed to have been inhabited from around 3000 BC.  These two pictures show just a part of the village).
The village was discovered in 1850 after a wild storm stripped the grass all away from the top of it.
This picture shows a stone "dresser" and a central hearth.

Showing a "bed" on the left and storage space on the wall above.

The ITALIAN CHAPEL on the tiny island of Lambholm.
The Chapel was built by prisoners-of-war, who were sent to the island to work on the Churchill Barriers.  It was built out of a Nissen hut.  Domenico Chiocchetti led a team who created this work of art out of scap materials.
The carved crucifix to the left of the Chapel was a gift from the people of Moena, Italy, the home town of Domenico Chiocchetti.  (The cross and canopy were made in Kirkwall, Orkney).

Part of the interior of the Chapel

The interior of the Chapel was covered with plasterboard and hand painted to simulate bricks.
Domenico Chiocchetti died at his home in May 1999, at the age of 89.
In June 1999 a Memorial Mass and Thanksgiving for his life and work on the Chapel in Orkney was held in the Italian Chapel.  His wife and family attended the Mass.

Me coming out of the THE TOMB OF THE EAGLES on the "granny skateboard".
(It was either that or on hands and knees!)

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Alice Sackett said...

I hope you enjoyed the Orkneys as much as we did on our two trips; I remember exploring those scary tombs! The first time we saw Skara Brae we could walk in it, but not later. We saw the Italian chapel on our second trip and was glad we hadn't missed it entirely. Nor did I find any worthwhile dolls.