Saturday 17 October 2015

MY VISIT TO GREECE (Santorini), and a Greek doll

I have recently returned from SANTORINI, a beautiful island in the group of Cyclades, in the Aegean Sea.
As I already have quite a few Greek dolls in Greek costumes, I was unable to find anything any different, but I found this delightful mythological character.  You can see more information about her on my website.

I have also added a pair of traditional Greek shoes for a child, on the "MY FOREIGN SHOES COLLECTION" page.  To view them just click onto that title, at the top, right hand corner of this page.  Thank you.

GREECE (Santorini)
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Just a few photos from SANTORINI.

A friendly local in Pyrgos
A windmill in Oia
 A view from the top, in Oia
 A colourful bush
 A sunset in Caldera
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