Tuesday 14 November 2017


Today I am listing three of my new unusual MEXICAN dolls.  I have more beautiful hand made Mexican dolls, and also Guatemala dolls to list, time permitting!
I also have some really nice dolls from other countries, looking not so patiently at me, wondering when I am going to give them a place on my website.  They are getting more impatient by the day!

I am extremely busy at the moment, so it is difficult to find the time to catalogue dolls, which I must do before I list them here on my blog.  Where on Earth does the time go to?

For more pictures, and information about these dolls, please see my website.  Thank you.

MEXICO (a Merida doll)
Website Id:  (America - Mexico - 0031, 0031A, 0031B and 0031C)

MEXICO - (a Coleta doll)
Website Id:  (America - Mexico - 0032, 0032A and 0032B).

MEXICO - (a Chamula doll with child)
Website Id:  (America - Mexico - 0033, 0033A and 0033B)


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