Monday 8 October 2012

SPAIN (Catalan doll), and a miniature greenhouse

Here is a pretty little doll from the Catalonia region of Spain, Catalonia being an autonomous region of Northern Spain.  You can see pictures of her, and also information about the Catalonia region on the website.
I am also listing a 1/12th." scale dolls house greenhouse.  This is not on the website but information about it is given below.
SPAIN (Catalonia)
(Website Id:  Europe - Spain - 0032 and 0032A)
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This little greenhouse was made for me by my late husband, in approximately 2000.  It was made to go with my dolls house - (No. 2 - page title at the top of the HOME page on the Blog).
It was made with 1/12th." scale real bricks, with a wooden frame and perspex windows.
 SIDE VIEW (closed)
I made all the plants, hanging basket and slatted top etc. inside.  I used a dolls house chimney pot for the plant by the door.
SIDE VIEW (open)
The tiles on the ground have been cut out of wood and papered with flecked paper.  I made the seed boxes with wood.
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Julieta said...

What a lovely and special little green house!
It´s perfect! And it´s clear that lots of love were also "ingredients" used to made it.
About the doll, well, you always have great dolls, I really like all your entries and pics, eventhough I do not always comment you anything.
Greetings from Holland.

World Costume Dolls said...

Thank you. It is a very special little greenhouse which we both enjoyed working on together.
I also enjoy your blog and your beautiful dolls. They are so colourful and your photography is excellent! Greetings from Wales. Carole.