Monday 23 April 2012

NETHERLANDS dolls by Rozetta, (and an email comment)

Today I am listing a pair of NETHERLANDS dolls, and also an EMAIL COMMENT off ALICE from the U.S.A.  (One of my Dioramas fans!)
For more pictures of the Netherlands dolls please see the website.  Thank you.

Here is a nice quality pair of vintage plastic dolls from the Netherlands.  Although plastic dolls are not everyone's favourite, some of the "older" plastic dolls are of better quality and can be quite collectable.  This pair was made by ROZETTA.  (There does not seem to be much information about this maker, available today).  The dolls are C.1955.
NETHERLANDS - Volendam region
(Website Id:  Europe - Netherlands - 0013, 0013A and 0013B)

 I enjoyed seeing familiar type dolls in your recent blog.  The Pettersen couple is  like one I had as a gift from our son when he was in Norway, but sadly were two of the dolls which were stolen, as well as a snake charmer from India, which our daughter had given us, and others.  The dolls I mourned especially were ones that  my grandmother had bought on a Mediterranean cruise, from Turkey and Palestine, as well as Italy, the beginning of my collection in 1923.  The Serbian couple is like my couple which I gave to my brother and his wife who were with us in Dubrovnik (when Tito was still in power) and who found the little shop they were in. My information was that the man was Serbian and the woman Croatian, but I don't know how reliable that is.
 It is almost like seeing old friends, when I see them on your site. And I really enjoyed seeing the "life size" Indian doll - I am sure it was fun to dress up like that. Your collection is getting more and more exciting, isn't it?  And I  enjoy your dioramas and marvel at how you can create them.  As ever, Alice
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(Comment from Carole)
Thank you again, Alice.  It must have been so sad to have lost your treasured dolls in that way.  Carole.  x.
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