Saturday 31 March 2012


On this Blog I am adding three new dolls.  There is an interesting Tikuna Tribe doll from COLOMBIA, South America, an Indian Snake Charmer doll from INDIA and an Italian doll from Northern ITALY which is similar to Lenci dolls but it is not marked.
More pictures and information about the Tikuna Tribe, the Indian doll, and the Italian doll can be seen on my website.

WELCOME to my new follower, ALICE.  I hope you will enjoy my website.
COLOMBIA (Tikuna Tribe)
(Website Id:  America - Colombia - 006, 006A and 006B)
INDIA (Snake Charmer)
(Website Id:  Asia - India - 0014)
ITALY (Northern Italy)
(Website Id:  Europe - Italy - 0026)

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Wednesday 21 March 2012


I have added a new doll maker to the DOLL MAKER page - Ronnaug Petterssen. 
I have also added three delightful little beaded Ndebele tribal dolls.  The workmanship in all these dolls is exquisite!
To see the information about the new Doll Maker, please click onto "DOLL MAKER" on the top, right hand side of the HOME PAGE.
To see more pictures and information about the dolls, please see the website.  Carole.
(Setesdal region)
(Website Id:  Europe - Norway - 0012, 0012A and 0012B)
Three Ndebele tribal dolls
(Website Id:  Africa - South Africa - 0019 and 0019A)
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Saturday 10 March 2012

DOLLS FROM SERBIA, PORTUGAL AND JAPAN (and a little Pet Shop diorama)

In this Blog I am listing dolls frrom SERBIA, PORTUGAL and JAPAN.  I have also added a little Pet Shop diorama (for those of you who like to see my dioramas).  I made it in 1998.

My latest news is that I have just joined Facebook with the help of two of my grandchildren.  (What it is to be young!).  I am thinking that it will take some getting used to!  It is a challenge, which is always good!

For more pictures and information about the dolls, please see the website.  For the diorama, please see the website under "Dioramas".  Carole.
(Website Id:  Europe - Serbia - 003)
(Website Id:  Europe - Serbia - 004, 004A, 004B and 004C)
(Website Id:  Europe - Portugal - 0017)
 JAPAN - kabucki dancer
(Website Id:  Asia - Japan - 0022)
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PETS WORLD - Prop. A.Bird
(Website Id:  (Dioramas) Europe - Wales - 0013 and 0013A)
 I made this little diorama out of an old bird house which I bought in a jumble sale. It is approximately 1/12th. scale. The front of it was made by my late husband and I put thin cardboard "slates" on the roof. The "plaster" on the outer walls is Polyfilla mixed with seaside sand. I made all the wooden cages with mesh fronts. The "glass" cases on the walls are empty TicTac boxes (tiny peppermint sweets). I bought the tiny birds in the cages but made the rabbits and reptiles with Fimo clay. In the centre of the shop is a gondola shelf holding lots of packets of seeds and grain for bird food and dog food etc. They are all covered with cling film. The cockatoo is off a keyring and the bird cage on a stand on the left is a vintage dolls house item. I made all the dogs leads with coloured braid. The handles and collars are made from very thin leather. The boxes of dog food etc. in the window were made using cut-outs out of a magazine. I made the bird houses and shop counter with wood. The bird bath outside the shop is an up-turned brass candlestick (painted) and I made the bird table with wood.  I made the pet Shop in 1998.

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