Sunday 22 November 2015


Today I am listing dolls from INDIA,  BULGARIA, and ENGLAND.
The Indian Gujarati dolls are among my top favourites.  I absolutely ADORE them!  The colours, the painted Mendi patterns on their bodies and their jewellery are just SO beautiful!
Of course, dolls are all beautiful, but I just love Indian dolls in particular, especially the Gujarati dolls.
Having said that, I must get on and show them to you!!
The Bulgarian dolls are also very interesting.  They are what I call "action dolls", and I am also very fond of dolls which are "doing something!".  The Russian Cossack doll has a beautiful character face.  It is a lovely character doll.  I hope you will enjoy seeing them as much as I do.
For further information about the dolls, and more photos, please see the website.  Thank you.
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Today I am also listing a few DOLLS FOR SALE, which can be seen on my "DOLLS FOR SALE" page.  To see the dolls, and for more information about them, please click onto the page "DOLLS FOR SALE" at the top, right hand corner of this page, and it will take you to that page.  The dolls I have just added are at the top of the list  with a Code No., and they are from Wales, Mexico and Japan.
 I am constantly being asked how much I am selling my dolls for, so I respectfully remind viewers that the only dolls I have for sale, are the ones on my DOLLS FOR SALE page on my blog.
The dolls on my WEBSITE are NOT FOR SALE.  They are part of my own private collection which I have been collecting for over fifty two years.  Thank you.  Carole.  

INDIA - (pair of wedding dolls)
Website Id:  (Asia - India - 0022, 0022A, 0022B, 0022C, 0022D, 0022E and 0022F)
BULGARIA (Dolls winding wool).
Website Id:  (Europe - Bulgaria - 0014)
ENGLAND - (dressed as a Russian Cossack)
A Peggy Nisbet doll.
Website Id:  (Europe - England - 0071)
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(in Santorini, Greece)

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Sunday 1 November 2015


Today I am listing dolls from Asia, Central America, Africa and the United Kingdom.  They are - BANGLADESH, HAITI, MAURITIUS and ENGLAND.
For more pictures and information about the dolls, please see the website.  Thank you.

I have more dolls waiting to be catalogued, and then they will be put onto my website.  I just don't know where the time goes to!  This has been such a very busy year for me, but I am now catching up, slowly!
 I started working on a room box some time ago, and I am desperately trying to finish that too!  Hopefully not much longer and then I will be able to show it to you.
 * * * *
BANGLADESH (Bridal pair)
Website Id:  (Asia - Bangladesh - 008 and 008A)
Website Id:  (America - Haiti - 005)
Website Id:  (Africa - Mauritius - 005)
 ENGLAND (Dressed as a Scottish Piper)
Website Id:  (Europe - England - 0019 and 0019A)

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A photo of me at the recent wedding of my Grandson.