Tuesday 19 April 2011


Happy Easter to all my friends and followers!

I have just received these delightful pictures from my Brazilian friend, Desiree, who has kindly allowed me to share them with you.

Desiree says:
Yesterday I went to a small village called Gramado, distant 160 Km from Porto Alegre. This village is located in the mountains. It was founded by Germans about 150 years ago.  In Gramado there are many chocolate factories, they sell choc all year long. But during the Easter season, the city hall promotes a beautiful party, which lasts 3 weeks.  The village is decorated with Easter bunny and eggs on its main streets and on store’s windows.
It was also nice to admire the chocolate stores windows: they make a competition for the most beautiful window. At the end of the party, people vote on them. The winner is awarded by the city Mayor.
Casa da Bruxa (witch's house)
The other side of the house
There's a bat flying around!

Thank you Desiree!

Thursday 7 April 2011


These new dolls are from Kenya, Belize, Nepal, Vietnam and Spain.  For more pictures and further information about the dolls, please see the website.

Id:  Africa  - Kenya - 0012, 0012A and 0012B
Id:  America - Belize - 002
Id:  Asia - Nepal - 005 - A
Id:  Asia - Vietnam - 004, 004A, 004B and 004C
Id:  Europe - Spain - 0026, 0026A and 0026B

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