Wednesday 30 May 2012


I hope all those people celebrating with their Street Parties will have a very enjoyable day.

I made this diorama for the Golden Jubilee in 2002, so I thought I would bring it back out for the Diamond Jubilee (and the people in it don't look a day older!)

The Vicar is obviously enjoying himself but his wife watching from the background doesn't look any too pleased!  
I have made everything in this diorama (except the dishes), including the dolls, the Pub., and the lampost etc. (My late husband did the electrics for the lampost).
(Website Id:  (Dioramas) Europe - Wales - 0020)
 (Website Id:  (Dioramas) Europe - Wales - 0020A)
 (Website Id:  (Dioramas) Europe - Wales - 0020B)
 (Website Id:  (Dioramas) Europe - Wales - 0020C)
 (Website Id:  (Dioramas) Europe - Wales - 0020D)
 (Website Id:  (Dioramas) Europe - Wales - 0020E)
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Saturday 26 May 2012

OZARK DOLLS, DOLLS FROM GHANA and ("Been Fishin' " diorama)

I have now added OZARK dolls from Arkansas (United States of America), dolls from GHANA, West Africa, and a new DIORAMA, "Been Fishin'  ", to the website.
For more pictures and further information about the dolls, please see the website.  Thank you.  Carole.
(an Ozark doll)
(Website Id:  America - United States of America - 0022)  
(Arkansas Joan - an Ozark woman)
(Website Id:  America - United States of America - 0023)  
(Website Id:  Africa - Ghana - 007)
(Website Id: - Africa - Ghana - 006 and 006A)
(Website Id:  Africa - Ghana - 0010)
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"BEEN FISHIN' " (Diorama).
This is "Duncan MacTrowt" and he has "Been Fishin'!"   He is a "tall" man measuring just over 6" high. I made him with a cloth over pipecleaner body.  His head, hands and boots are made of Fimo and he has painted features and sheepswool hair, beard and moustache.  I made his spectacles with fuse wire.  I made the bench and table in approximately 1990 with some scrap solid oak wood which was given to me by a coffin maker!   (The oak was thirty years old in 1990).   I made this scene simply to use up a spare fishing rod which I made in 1990.  I used the one part of a press-stud fastener for the reel.  I have also made the fish, the cat and the fruit in the bowl with Fimo.  The fishing net hanging on the wall is part of a sleeping net which I bought in a chemist shop and I made the yellow waterproofs and sou'wester from a pair of rubber kitchen gloves.  The denim bag on the floor, and the mat, were made from pieces of scrap fabric.  The small round table on the right was a wooden puzzle which I cut a round wooden top for.  The tiles on the floor are 1/12th." scale terracotta tiles from a dolls house supplier.  A friend made the cross-stitch  "Bless this house" picture by using one thread of embroidery cotton.  The wellingtons on the floor were originally green and were bought in a National Trust shop.  I painted them black. 
I made the diorama in 2012.

(Website Id: - (Dioramas) Europe - 0038 and 0038A)

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Sunday 20 May 2012

DOLLS FROM HUNGARY, THREE PEGGY NISBET DOLLS (and a hand knitted dolls outfit)

Dolls from HUNGARY and three PEGGY NISBET dolls have been listed this time.

I have also finished knitting a little outfit for Charlie, who is a 1960's doll.  He was made in England, and measures just 3" HIGH.  (I found it quite a change to knit with a dark colour!)

For more pictures and information about the dolls, please see the website.  Thank you.
HUNGARY - (Region unknown)
(Website Id:  Europe - Hungary - 008, 008A and 008B)
ENGLAND - (Henry V111th.)
(A Peggy Nisbet doll).
(Website Id:  Europe - England - 0056)
ENGLAND - (Mary, Queen of Scotts)
(A Peggy Nisbet doll).
(Website Id:  Europe - England - 0057)
 ENGLAND - (William Shakespeare)
(A Peggy Nisbet doll).
(Website Id:  Europe - England - 0058, 0058A and 0058B)

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This is "CHARLIE".
Isn't he cute?  I decided to leave his hat off because he has such lovely moulded hair which I do not want to hide!
To give you an idea of the size of the knitting, his jacket measures just ONE INCH LONG.

ENGLAND - (hand knitted outfit)
(Website Id:  (Dioramas) Europe - England - 005 and 005A)

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Monday 7 May 2012


On this Blog I have listed dolls from Asia, America and Europe.  They are from Vietnam, Brazil, the Island of Bonaire, and Austria.
For more pictures and information, please see the website.  Thank you.

At the moment I am working on a small diorama which I hope to finish soon, and also a little bit of miniature knitting (time permitting!)

VIETNAM - (hand made wedding dolls)
(Website Id:  Asia - Vietnam - 006, 006A and 006B)
BRAZIL  - (Amazon Rainforest rattle doll)
(Website Id:  America - Brazil - 008)
BONAIRE (the Island of) - two tourist dolls
(Website Id:  America - Bonaire - 001, 001A and 001B)
AUSTRIA - pair of Tyrolean dolls
(Website Id:  Europe - Austria - 0016, 0016A and 0016B)

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