Saturday 19 September 2015


Today I am listing a group of hand made dolls from IRAQ.
They are all dressed in various regions of the country.  (The previous owner purchased them in Iraq, in 1967).
There are five pairs of dolls, and one male Sayed doll.
They represent:  Arab Bedouins, Assyrian Tiari Tribe, Kurdish, Armenian, Kurdish (Sulamaniya) and a Sayed doll.

For more pictures, and information about the dolls, please see my website.  Thank you.
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I have also added a few pictures from one of my recent walks, at the bottom of the page.
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IRAQ - (Arab Bedouin)
Website Id:  (Asia - Iraq - 003, 003A, 003B, 003C, 003D and 003E)
IRAQ - (Assyrian Tiari Tribe)
Website Id:  (Asia - Iraq - 004, 004A and 004B)
IRAQ - (Kurdish, from Erbil)
Website Id:  (Asia - Iraq - 005, 005A, 005B, 005C and 005D)
IRAQ - (Armenian)
Website Id:  (Asia - Iraq - 006, 006A and 006B)
IRAQ - (Kurdish), Sulamaniya)
Website Id:  (Asia - Iraq - 007, 007A, 007B and 007C)
IRAQ - (Sayed)
Website Id:  (Asia - Iraq - 008 and 008A)
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Just a few photos from one of my recent walks.
A Pub where we had lunch
A bicycle decorated with flowers
Laburnum trees hanging over the river

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