Friday 20 January 2012

NEW ASIA AND EUROPE DOLLS (inc. Lenci) plus new FAVOURITE doll

Dolls from Asia and Europe -
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Harry's favourite doll
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I hope you all had a Happy New Year, and are looking forward to your doll hunting!  The exciting thing about collecting is that you just never know what you will find from one day to the next.  I was recently lucky enough to find the beautiful LENCI doll listed below!
For more information and pictures of the new dolls listed, please see the website.  For more information and pictures of HARRY'S FAVOURITE DOLL just click onto "MY FAVOURITE DOLL" at the top, right hand side of the HOME page.

I have no new miniatures to list at the moment.  Time permitting, I will have something ready soon!
ITALY (Lenci doll)
Website Id:  (Europe - Italy - 0022 and 0022A)
GREECE (Rhodes) - shepherd
Website Id:  (Europe - Greece (Rhodes) - 002) 
GREECE (Crete) - shepherd
Website Id:  (Europe - Greece (Crete) - 007)
SWEDEN - (Lulea)
Website Id:  (Europe - Sweden - 0016)
 INDIA - (Andhra Pradesh)
Website Id: (Asia - India - 0028, 0028A and 0028B)
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One of HARRY'S COLLECTION of favourite dolls
Tarahumara FIBER doll
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Nukke said...

That costume in Sweden is quite similar to Sami costumes in hole Sami country look at wikipedia so you see this big are which is in 4 countries !!!!!

World Costume Dolls said...

Hello Nukke. Thank you for your comment. I realise that this costume is similar to those worn in other Scandinavian countries, but as I am only able to list it under one country, I have listed it under Sweden. The reason for this is that this particular doll was purchased in Lulea, Sweden. I have added this information onto the listing for this doll on my website. Carole.