Monday 7 March 2022

GERMANY (The Island of Fohr)

 Good afternoon, everyone.  I hope you are all keeping well and free from Covid.  I have not been able to up-date my blog lately, as I have had a spell of not being very well, but fortunately I am getting better now.  (It was not Covid, thank goodness!)

Today I am listing this lovely doll from Germany (The Island of Fohr).  Although she has a damaged face (which I have tried to cover as best I can), I think she is stunning, and her outfit is exquisite!

I was given her by a very kind lady who told me she dates back to approximately 1935.  I hope you will like her as much as I do!  To see more information about her, and more photos, please see the website.  Just click onto the Inventory Tab at the top of the Home Page, and put in the Website Id. as shown here below.  Thank you.

(The Island of Fohr)
Website Id:  (Europe - Germany - 0043, 0043A, 0043B and 0043C)

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I recently had my eightieth birthday, and one of my wonderful treats was to visit a "Small Breeds Farm" where I had been given special permission to go inside one of the enclosures, and hold this beautiful owl on my arm.  What a treat!  No-one else has been allowed to do it!

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I still have lots of dolls to catalogue and put onto my website.  Hopefully now I will be able to get back onto it!

Keep safe and well.


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Tuesday 11 January 2022


This doll is one of the Tikuna Tribe, who live in the Colombian Amazon Rain Forest, near the borders of Brazil and Peru. The doll is 8.5" high. They are a very artistic Tribe and their talents include wood and stone sculpture, basket making and mask making. They also make bark cloth which they decorate, using vegetable dyes.
When a Tikuna dies, they are buried in a canoe with a top over it. Items which the person may need in their after-life, are put in with the person. In this canoe, they will cross the River of Death. This doll was sourced from a Tikuna Village near Leticia, in the Colombian Rainforest. The doll is made of llachama pounded bark cloth, and is traditionally used by this tribe for making masks, carvings and crafts. His outfit is painted with natural vegetable dyes. DOLL C.2005, Colombia.

* * *