Sunday 12 September 2021


This very interesting and lovely doll is on my website, but I thought I would like to feature her here today.


Website Id:  (Oceania - Pitcairn Island - 001, 001A and 001B)

 This beautiful doll is 14" high, and is from the Island of PITCAIRN in the South Pacific. She was hand carved by Reynold Warren, a descendent of Fletcher Christian who led a group of Mutineers on the ship - "The Bounty". Reynold Warren was aged 75 years in 2004. (I purchased the doll from the original buyer in 2005). The doll is hand carved out of light weight wood, with painted features. His wife dressed the doll. The grass skirt is made of dried plants from the island. Her necklace is made of painted seeds.

The weather is not suitable to anchor boats near Pitcairn very often - just a few times a year, so the residents come out to the ships in a long boat, to sell their wares to people on the Cruise Ships.
The maker of the doll is the man in the front row on the boat, wearing a short sleeved light coloured shirt and cap. The lady sitting next to him is Betty Christian.
The lady I purchased the doll from, fortunately asked the maker to sign it for her (but he missed the letter "c" out of Pitcairn).

Website Id: (Oceania - Pitcairn - 001, 001A and 001B)

Website Id:  (Oceania - Pitcairn - 001, 001A and 001B)

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I hope you are all keeping well. Hopefully everything will be back to normal for us all, soon.



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